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Prevent summer learning loss informational flyer for
children 2–5 years old

About the 2021 Summer Program at Montessori Children

During the months of June, July and August, we will be learning about “Life in the Ocean”. What is an ocean, who and what is in the ocean, water safety, water movement, compare fresh water to salt water, what is a vertebrate and invertebrate, living and non living things, animals in the ocean, the seashells and who lives in the seashell, and the plants that live in and by the ocean.

Join us "Under the Sea!"

We have a free field trip planned to Cedar Beach. The date will be dislcosed to parents. We will meet at Cedar Beach instead of the school on this day. A parent must accompany their child during this field trip. We will meet in the parking lot by the basketball courts at 9:45AM. We will walk together to the Natures Center. The program at Cedar Beach is called MARINE LIFE.

It will begin at the Marine Environmental Stewardship Center (Nature Center). Park near the basketball courts and walk the paved path to the yellow house which is the Nature Center. We will begin inside the Nature Center. There are displays and live marine animals in 3 small tanks for the children to enjoy and learn about during Ranger Molly’s introduction.

Then we will do a Beach Buddy Scavenger Hunt on the beach. I have teen volunteers who will help in the salt marsh (across from the beach) so the children can discover what is living in the salt marsh. The salt marsh is a nursery for marine life that once strong enough venture out into the ocean.

The program will start 10:00am and finish at 11:30am. Please bring a bagged lunch we can eat in the picnic area together after the program ends.

The children need hats, sunglasses, water, and water shoes. They are not allowed to be barefoot at anytime.

For the summer, Show and Tell will continue to take place on Wednesdays. When choosing something to bring to school to share with their friends, please try to choose something related to this topic. Here are a few ideas: storybooks related to the sea, seashells, stuff animals, puppets, craft, post cards, toys and pictures of your family activities at the beach.

We are doing a different fun activity each day! We are looking forward to a lot of fun, playing and learning this summer with your child!